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Subscribe to a Neutrinet VPN (recommended)

You do not need to fill this section if you already have a VPN subscription.

You will need a VPN connection if you want your Cube to work in a plug'n play fashion. It is stongly recommended to use one, unless you know what you are doing.

Technically, the VPN connection will encrypt all your Cube's traffic, making it unreadable to your current ISP, and will give your Cube a static IP address that will make it easily reachable wherever you install it (roughly like a mobile phone number).

Please note that Neutrinet is a non-profit ASBL/VZW. Therefore, by subscribing to the VPN service, you will become a member of Neutrinet. This membership grants you the right to vote and decide the future of Neutrinet. You will not be a customer, you will be Neutrinet.

You are free to consider how much your VPN subscription is worth, and how much you want to pay for it. We strongly recommend you to pay at least 6€/month, because we cannot currently afford to lower the service's price below. The mandatory membership fee costing 25€/year, we are all paying around 8€/month (6€ + 2€ for membership) for now. Of course, any additional support is really appreciated :-)

If you want to run multiple Cubes at the same time, you will need multiple VPN subscriptions.

Register a domain name (recommended)

You do not need to fill this section if you already have registered domain name.

Your Cube will be associated to a domain name. It will enable you to receive emails at addresses like and to have your Cube accessible from

By default, we can provide you a domain name for free ending with, but if you want a domain name of your own (ending with .be, .net or .org for example), it will add an extra 1€ to your VPN subscription monthly fee.

The domain name will be registered at Also, please ensure that the domain name you want is available there.

It is a common mistake to forget to renew a domain name every year. Check this box if you want Neutrinet to do it for you.

Choose your components (required)

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Default components of the Cube

Quantity Name Price
Free Software Wifi Antenna (MOD-WIFI-AR9271-ANT) 14.52 €
A20 LIME2 board (1Go RAM) (A20-OLINUXINO-LIME2) 48.40 €
Power supply (SY1005E) 8.41 €
64 Go SD card (MB-MC64KA/EU) 9.99 €
Cube Case Metal Red (BOX-LIME-RED) 9.68 €

Extra components

Quantity Name Price
Case for external 2.5'' HDD / SSD (BAY-NO-DISK) 10.89 €
240 Go SSD (CT240BX500SSD1) 20.29 €
Serial Cable (USB-SERIAL-CABLE-F) 7.20 €
Big battery (around 13h of autonomy) (BATTERY-LIPO6600mAh) 14.46 €
Wifi antenna (proprietary model) (MOD-WIFI-RTL8188EUS) 8.47 €
32 Go SD card (SDSQUA4-032G-GN6MA) 8.99 €
Sata cable (SATA-CABLE-SET) 6.05 €

Total price (+3€ for shipment): € for components

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Please remember that we are humans and volunteers. We do not make any profit, we help you as much as we can and we do it on our spare time because we do believe in a better Internet.